Subiektywny wybór innych opinii

Poniżej zamieszczam kilka opinii użytkowników posiadających też inne modele radiostacji. Najpierw fragmenty opinii K4QE, który jest też posiadaczem IC-7800, napisaną na (jedna z pierwszych opinii):

The audio on both transmit and receive is right up there with the 7800. In fact, I'd give the edge to the 7410. I attribute this to the faster DSP processor used in the 7410.

The noise blanker and all the DSP functions (noise reduction, auto-notch, PBT, and filtering) are just as good as the 7800, if not better. Again, the faster processor makes the difference.

I have used the 7410 in a few contests (including CQWW WPX SSB) and found it to be quite capable. There was no discernable difference to what I was able to hear with the 7800 in A/B comparisons.

Speaking of price class, the 7410 is at the high end of that class, but I think it is worth the added cost. The radio's feature set and basic performance is right up there with the ICOM 7600.

The 7410 is a worthwhile addition to my shack. The honeymoon is over and I'm still in love. I highly recommend it for those seeking high end basic radio performance in a mid-level price class.

A teraz fragment opinii AA6CC (też jedna z pierwszych opinii), który ma też IC-7700 i K3:

I also have a IC-7700 and a K3 to compare with. Listening to weak DX on 20 and 40 CW yesterday could tell no difference between the 7410, the 7700, and the K3. Not a contest day but did not hear any AGC pumping or desense from strong adjacent signals. Receiver is quiet and a pleasure to listen to.

Magazyn QST w ponad 5-cio stronicowym artykule podsumował ten model następująco: If I had just one word to describe the IC-7410 it would be competent, and the numbers from the ARRL Lab support this impression — not the best but very good., co można przetłumaczyć: Jeśli miałbym opisać IC-7410 jednym słowem, byłoby to – kompetentny, a pomiary ARRL Lab potwierdzają to wrażenie – nie najlepszy, ale bardzo dobry.